When A Plumbing Emergency Happens. Call G.X.R

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Can Anything Be More Stressful Than A Plumbing Emergency?

Have you woken up to find sewage leaking in the back garden? Or is there thousands of litres of water pouring from a burst pipe. Maybe you are facing the horrors of a clogged toilet.

These and many other incidents are considered an emergency plumbing service. They are stressful times for homeowners and businesses. Moments wasted during a plumbing emergency cost money in water bills and future repair work. 

G.X.R guarantees an instant response and an emergency plumber as fast as their van can bring them. 

Contact G.X.R the moment something goes wrong at any time of day or night. It will be over before you know it. A speedy response and action saves you $1000’s in repairs later. 

Straight From the Horses Mouth

“Gerard is an awesome plumber and a genuinely nice guy. He’s on time, honest and professional. He does a fantastic job at a great price. I will never be using any plumbing service other than G.X.R in the future. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Helen. P.

“Sensational service and workmanship. We have used G.X.R a number of times now and I would never consider using anyone else. Gerard is friendly, prompt and very accommodating with his time. If you want a professional job, call Gerard.”


“Excellent service. Arrived on time, identified the problem, fixed it and cleaned up. What a great guy. I recommend Gerard very highly. Do yourself a favour and call him first.”

Rhonda King