Perth Gas Fitters To Handle Any Installation or Repair

Looking for a licensed gas fitter to install, repair, replace or inspect you residential or commercial gas appliances?

Any gas related service requires a trained gas plumber to install or fix any problems. That’s why the team at G.X.R are fully certified Perth gas fitters. With our licensed gas plumbers you can feel confident that job is getting done safely and on time to Australian Safety Standards.

With 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry, GXR has become a trusted name in Perth, providing first-rate, reliable gas fitting services at affordable rates. We are also staffed with an emergency response team to ensure the safety of our clients.

We’re fully equipped to inspect and detect any gas leaks to existing natural gas equipment or propane lines. If there’s a fix required, we’ll get the job done first-time in a safe, zero leak repair.

We offer comprehensive repair and gas installation services in Perth:

  • Replace/install gas appliances
  • Gas bayonet fitting & repair
  • Install gas stoves and BBQ’s
  • Gas hot water systems
  • House to gas connections
  • Gas heating systems
  • Service gas appliances
  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas ovens

If you need a qualified gas fitter plumber to install new gas connections or gas appliance to your property call the GXR team for honest, fast, reliable and affordable gas fitting services with no callout fee and a free quote as standard.

We’re also here to help with water leak detectionhot water system repairs and assist with drain unblocking.


Smell Gas? You Could Have an Emergency Gas

Getting it right when it comes to gas is the difference between sleeping easy at night and a story your neighbours will talk about for years to come. G.X.R understands that having a gas leak can be stressful. Immediate action needs to be taken so that you can feel safe in your home again.

As a safety precaution LPG and natural gas has a odorant added to help you easily identify a potentially hazardous gas leak. A rotten egg smell is usually the first sign of a possible gas leak, but there are other indicators listed below.

In an emergency gas leak scenario, it’s important to act fast. But did you know that not every Perth plumber you call will be a licensed gas fitter? And with the potential harm incorrect repairs on a gas leak can cause, why risk it?

We’re also able to handle the installation & repair of all your gas appliances throughout the home from cooktops, ovens, hot water systems, heaters and more.

So if you smell gas call an expert!


Grab A No Obligation Quote Today


How You Know There’s A

A gas problem can be serious if you don’t get it resolved straight away. Look out for these early warning signs to know that you need to call a professional.

  • Are you able to smell gas?
  • There’s visible damage to a gas pipe
  • Bubbles appear in your water
  • A hissing sound emanating from the room
  • Nausea upon entering the room
  • Gas bills that have unexplainably spiked
  • Gas pilot keeps extinguishing
  • No hot water (if using a gas hot water system)

What You Can Do To Prepare

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when there is a potential gas issue in your home. Here are some things you can do before your plumber arrives to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Immediately turn off gas from your meter
  • Turn off all gas appliances
  • Ensure the gas fitter has access to required areas
  • Open all windows and doors
  • Refrain from using electrical appliances in the immediate area
  • Evacuate the area of the suspected leak

Call in an Expert Gas Fitter


What People Are Saying About Us

Amazing Service

“Gerard is an awesome plumber and a genuinely nice guy. He’s on time, honest and professional. He does a fantastic job at a great price. I will never be using any plumbing service other than G.X.R in the future. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Helen P,

A Job Well Done

“Sensational service and workmanship. We have used G.X.R a number of times now and I would never consider using anyone else. Gerard is friendly, prompt and very accommodating with his time. If you want a professional job, call Gerard.”


Best Plumbers In Perth!

“Excellent service. Arrived on time, identified the problem, fixed it and cleaned up. What a great guy. I recommend Gerard very highly. Do yourself a favour and call him first.”

Rhonda King,

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a gas leak?

Early signs of a gas leak include the smell of rotten eggs, bubbles appearing in your water, damage to a gas pipe or houseplants dying. If you are concerned that you may have a gas leak, make sure to call GXR immediately on 0437 800 192.

What gas services do you offer?

At G.X.R we are able to perform gas leak detection and fixes as well as a variety of gas installations. These include replacing, installing or servicing gas appliances, running gas line connections and installing gas stoves and BBQ’s.

Are you qualified to fix gas leaks?

Our team of gas fitters in Perth are fully licensed and certified, meeting the stringent standards set by the industry. They undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest safety protocols and techniques, ensuring they bring a wealth of expertise to every job. Rest assured, when you choose our services, you’re entrusting your gas fitting needs to highly qualified professionals in the Perth area.

How much are your plumbing services?

At G.X.R, we believe in fair pricing, that’s why we offer a free upfront quote before any service and don’t include a callout fee for any of our work.

How soon can you fix my gas leak?

Same-day service is a cornerstone of our operation, with us being able to reach most jobs within an hour of your call and will be sure to let you know if there is any delay.

What if it’s an emergency gas leak?

G.X.R has certified fitters & repairers that are available to service your home as fast as their van can get them to you.
Our hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm, Saturday 8:00am – 12:00pm and Sunday by appointment.

Can a gas fitter move my meter?

That’s dependant on the property. In principal yes; give us a call to order an inspection. However, the bottom line will be situation dependant, our gas fitters can carry out an inspection and check with local councils to get the ball moving.

Do you service residential or commercial plumbing problems?

GXR is an experienced team that’s well equipped to handle a variety of commercial & residential plumbing problems. We’ll handle your hot water systems, sewerage, blocked drains & pipes, water or gas leaks. At GXR we have you covered, at a great rate!

Will a gas heater work without electricity?

It depends on if the gas heater pilot is controlled manually or with electronic ignition.

What safety measures do you implement during gas fitting services?

Safety is our number one priority, no compromises. When we’re handling gas fitting services in Perth, we adhere to a meticulous safety protocol to ensure the well-being of both our clients and our team. Here’s how we go about it:

Risk Assessment: Before we even begin, our team conducts a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential hazards. This helps us to formulate a plan that minimizes risks at every step.

Gas Monitoring: We use advanced gas monitoring equipment to detect any gas leaks promptly, preventing potential accidents and ensuring the area is safe before, during, and after the service.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Our technicians are equipped with the necessary PPE, including gloves, masks, and eye protection, to safeguard against any accidents during the service.

Ventilation: Ensuring proper ventilation is crucial to prevent the buildup of harmful gases. We make sure the work area is well-ventilated to dispel any gas emissions safely.

Emergency Protocols: We have established emergency protocols in place, which include having fire extinguishers and first-aid kits readily available on-site. Our team is trained to respond swiftly in the event of an emergency to contain the situation and prevent any harm.

Clean-Up: Post-service, we conduct a thorough clean-up to remove any debris or materials that could pose a safety hazard, leaving your property clean and safe.

Friendly Advice: Before we wrap up, we take the time to educate our clients on the safe use and maintenance of their gas systems, offering tips and guidance to prevent potential issues in the future.

Can you assist with the selection and installation of gas appliances?

Our experts are well-versed with the various brands and types of gas appliances popular in the Perth market. We can guide you in choosing appliances that suit your specific needs and preferences, considering factors like energy efficiency and suitability for the local climate. Once you’ve made your choice, our team will handle the installation with utmost precision, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing gas system.

Do you provide warranties or guarantees on your gas fitting services?

Yes, we do! We are confident in the quality of our gas fitting services in Perth, and to back this up, we offer robust warranties and guarantees. Our commitment is to provide you with services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. In the rare event of any issues post-service, our warranty coverage ensures that we will address them promptly, reaffirming our dedication to customer satisfaction in the Perth region.

Do you offer maintenance and inspection services for gas systems?

It’s essential to have regular maintenance and inspections to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your gas systems. We offer comprehensive maintenance services that include routine inspections to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate. Our team is trained to perform detailed inspections, ensuring that your gas system adheres to the safety standards and operates efficiently. With our maintenance services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your gas systems are in capable hands.

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